Are You Looking for a Healthier, More Beautiful Smile?
Do you have a cavity that’s too large to be healed by a simple filling? If your cavity is changing the appearance of your teeth or causing further tooth decay, a crown might be right for you. An essential part of root canal treatment, dental crowns can help restore your smile, protect your teeth and bring them back to their original size and shape.

If you’re looking for a healthier smile, a dental crown might be the perfect option for your situation. Crowns can improve your smile in a wide variety of ways, including hiding tooth damage, camouflaging discoloration and supporting teeth that have undergone extensive dental treatment.

Benefits of dental crowns:

  • Shield teeth affected by decay or infection
  • Hide discolored or stained teeth
  • Restore broken and chipped teeth
  • Provide additional support to teeth

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What is Dental Calculus?

When most people hear the word “calculus,” they might think of high school math class rather than of teeth. Dental calculus, sometimes also referred to as tartar, however, is an unfortunately common occurrence in the lives of many people who do not keep up with good dental hygiene practices. When plaque is left on your teeth for an extended period of time, it will eventually harden into dental calculus. This process can happen in as little as 26 hours, which is why it is important to brush and floss daily.

Effects of Dental Calculus

  • The hardened tartar creates a protective shelter for more bacteria to accumulate under it and eat away at your teeth, causing cavities and infections.
  • Above or near the gumline, calculus can be especially dangerous because it gives bacteria easy access to the soft tissue and can very easily cause gum disease, or gingivitis.
  • By fostering easy access to the gums and encouraging gum infections, the tartar becomes a serious problem when left untreated as the later stages of gum disease cause bone damage and tooth loss.
  • It obstructs effective brushing, which leads to further accumulation of bacteria and plaque.

Preventing Calculus Formation

Once calculus forms, it can only be removed by a dental professional with the right tools. However, anyone can prevent the formation of calculus.

Here are some tips and reminders for protecting your teeth against infection and bacteria:

  • Brush twice a day.
  • Floss every day.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Visit your dentist regularly.

If you have any further questions or concerns, or if you are interested in scheduling an appointment, contact Tadros Dental today.

Dental Treatments

Give Your Teeth the Best Care

Your oral health affects the health of the rest of your body. By keeping your teeth and gums healthy, you’ll be able to keep the rest of your body healthy. Because of this, it’s important to find a talented general dentist to help you care for your dental health.

At Tadros Dental, we provide a full range of general dentistry services, including:

Exam and cleaning. Preventative dentistry is the cornerstone of oral health. Visit us twice a year for a dental exam and cleaning.

Sealants. A clear, plastic material applied to the outside of the tooth to protect it from decay and prevent cavities.

Composite fillings. Cavity fillings composed of a tooth-colored resin, offering an improved appearance over metal fillings.

Crowns. Caps placed over teeth that restore the size, strength, shape and appearance of the tooth.

Laser dentistry. Using a safe and effective laser, Dr. Tadros can eliminate bleeding in gum tissue and reduce healing time for many procedures.

Emergency dentistry. We know you don’t want to wait for an appointment time when you’re in pain, so call us and we’ll fit you in as soon as possible.

Restore the Beauty and Health of Your Teeth

If your smile isn’t as healthy and full as it once was, restorative dentistry may be your best option for renewing the appearance and health of your mouth. Whether you have damaged teeth, an oral infection or missing teeth, restorative dentistry can help give you the smile you remember.

At Tadros Dental we offer a variety of treatment options, including:

Bridges. False teeth joined onto the crowns of neighboring teeth using metal bands and resin.

Dental implants. Metal attachments rooted to the jaw bone used to support a replacement tooth.

Periodontal treatments. Treatments for gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Root canals. Repairing and saving an infected tooth by removing the infection from the root canal.

Dentures. We offer both full and partial dentures for patients needing replacement teeth.

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At Tadros Dental we pride ourselves on providing the compassionate and expert dental care our patients need. Call our office today or contact our office to discuss your restorative dentistry options. Dr. Tadros will review your treatment possibilities and work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that will give you a smile to love.

Emergency Dentistry

Does Your Tooth Hurt?

Dental pain can be the worst. What started as a mild toothache yesterday is now almost unbearable. When you have a toothache, it hurts to eat. It hurts to talk. It hurts to smile. You name it, it hurts. It’s impossible to ignore the pain and delaying treatment could have serious implications for your oral health.

Dental issues that might require emergency treatment:

  • Tooth infection
  • Tooth knocked out
  • Cracked tooth
  • Sore and swollen gums
  • Lost crown

We’re Here for You

When you have a dental emergency, we’re here for you. Our phones are answered after hours so we can help patients who need a dentist — even after hours or on a Saturday. When you call, we’ll help you arrange an emergency dental visit to relieve the pain and heal your tooth. We give priority to emergency cases, so you can rest assured that your emergency dental needs will be taken care of as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

Don’t let yourself live in pain any longer. Dr. Tadros prides himself on giving every patient extraordinary care, even after hours and on weekends. Contact our office right away and schedule your emergency dentistry appointment.


Thinking About Dentures?

The decision to get dentures can be a daunting one. There are so many options: complete dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures, overdentures and more. It can be difficult to decide if you even need dentures, and if so, which dentures are right for you.

Whether you need a full set of dentures or partial dentures to replace just a few missing teeth, we have the expertise to give you dentures that will improve your life.

What Can Dentures Do for You?

Dentures can boost your confidence and self-esteem and improve your overall appearance. By replacing missing teeth, you can prevent your facial muscles from sagging and looking hollow. A properly fitting denture can also prevent the wrinkles that appear around the lips when teeth are missing.

Benefits of dentures:

  • Continue to chew food comfortably
  • Speak more clearly
  • Smile confidently
  • Enjoy an improved appearance

Contact Our Office for a Consultation

Dr. Tadros prides himself in his personal approach to every patient’s case and will work with you to help you pick the best denture for your unique needs. After you get your dentures, Dr. Tadros will talk with you to determine whether the dentures fit comfortably and can make adjustments if they don’t live up to your expectations.

Contact Tadros Dental today to schedule your personalized denture consultation.


Have a Missing Tooth?

If you’re missing a tooth, a dental bridge might be the solution to restoring your mouth and giving you a healthy and attractive smile. Dental bridges are meant to “bridge the gap” between two teeth — the gap where one of your teeth used to be. They consist of two dental crowns that are placed on the healthy teeth surrounding the gap and a false tooth that the crowns hold in place between them.

Why Are Bridges Important?

Dental bridges can prevent your teeth from moving, which can happen when you lose a tooth — the rest of your teeth in your mouth shift and migrate to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. This movement can lead to pain when biting, crooked teeth, tooth decay and jaw pain.

In addition, a dental bridge is able to:

  • Restore the beauty of your smile
  • Maintain your ability to chew comfortably
  • Restore your ability to speak clearly
  • Support your facial structure

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If you’re missing a tooth, contact our office today to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Tadros. During your appointment, Dr. Tadros will walk you through all of the options available to you and help you pick the best treatment for your unique situation.


Protect Your Teeth from Dental Cavities

A dental sealant is a clear, plastic material applied to the outside of the tooth. Sealants protect your teeth from dental decay and help prevent dental cavities.

Many patients choose dental sealants for their convenience and satisfying results. Dental sealants are:

Effective at preventing cavities. Dental sealants can protect your teeth from dental decay. They are highly recommended for molars in the back of your mouth that may be hard to reach with a toothbrush.

Invisible to everyone but your dentist. Sealants are clear and won’t be noticed by anyone but a trained dental care specialist.

Easily applied. Sealants can be applied to your teeth in one easy appointment. No waiting and no hassle.

Long-lasting. Dental sealants are very durable and can last up to ten years before they need to be re-applied.

A Houston Dentist for Your Whole Family

Sealants are a great option for you and your entire family. At Tadros Dental, we pride ourselves on the personal and comprehensive care we provide for our patients. Whether you’re new to our office or one of our long-term patients, Dr. Tadros makes your satisfaction his top priority.

Contact Tadros Dental today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Tadros.

Dental Implants

Are You Satisfied With Your Smile?

Missing a tooth can keep you from enjoying life to the fullest. It can make it difficult to eat or speak clearly. You might not want to smile in public for fear that people will notice that gap in your teeth.

Missing teeth can also negatively affect your health because your teeth may shift, leaving you with a misaligned bite and causing tooth decay and bone loss. A gap in your teeth may also increase your likelihood of developing gum disease because of the extra space for food and bacteria to accumulate.

Dental Implants Can Help You Love Your Smile

Dental implants can fill the gap of where your missing tooth used to be, preventing all of the negative consequences of missing teeth. Dental implants even prevent bone loss that often accompanies missing teeth. They look natural and don’t require any special care. If you have more than one tooth missing, dental implants are an excellent alternative to slippery dentures.

Dental implants are:

  • Stronger and more durable than dentures
  • A permanent solution for your missing teeth
  • Natural looking and almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth
  • More comfortable and longer lasting than dentures

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Contact Tadros Dental today to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Tadros. During your consultation, Dr. Tadros will explain the dental implant procedure and help you decide if dental implants are right for you.

Root Canals

Have a Toothache?

If you have a severe toothache, it may be due to an inflamed or infected pulp within the tooth. To save the tooth and prevent future pain, you may need a root canal.

Signs your tooth might need a root canal:

  • Pain, discoloration or prolonged sensitivity to cold or heat
  • Tenderness when touched
  • Pus drainage in the mouth
  • Teeth showing signs of infection on X-rays

Many people dread root canals, but in actuality, root canals have a high success rate and can save your tooth from needing to be extracted. With the help of a local anesthetic, you’ll feel little to no pain during the procedure. After treatment, your tooth will be able to function just like normal.

When you come into our office with a toothache, Dr. Tadros will examine your mouth and determine if you need a root canal. Together, you’ll come up with a treatment plan that works for you. Root canal treatments are typically completed in our office in one or two visits, depending on the extent of the infection and timeline for treatment.

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To better serve his patients, Dr. Tadros has received additional training in root canal therapy outside of dental school. When you come into our office, you can rest assured that you’re receiving expert care. Contact Tadros Dental today to schedule your free consultation.

Periodontal Treatments

Do You Suffer From Gum Disease?

You’re not alone. More than 75 percent of Americans have a form of gum disease. Gum disease happens when the toxins found in plaque irritate and inflame gum tissue. Over time, gum disease can cause the loss of gum tissue and bone and even the loss of teeth. In fact, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the developed world.

Gum disease is a serious problem that requires treatment, both for the health of your mouth and the health of your entire body, as it has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and increased risk during pregnancy.

Signs of periodontal disease include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Pain, redness and swelling of the gums
  • Teeth that look longer due to gum recession
  • Loose teeth or a change in bite

Why treat gum disease?

Gum disease can affect your entire body.

Researchers have found links between periodontal disease and a host of systemic diseases, including:

Heart disease. The inflammation from periodontal disease may cause heart disease and make other heart conditions worse. In addition, those with periodontal disease are at an increased risk of stroke.

Respiratory diseases. Bacterial growth in the gum tissue may be aspirated, causing respiratory diseases.

Diabetes. Periodontal disease may make it more difficult for people to control their blood sugar.

Certain types of cancers. Research has shown that men with gum disease are more likely to develop certain cancers, including kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer and blood cancers.

Don’t Let Your Oral Health Suffer

Tadros Dental offers a variety of treatments to help you manage your gum disease, including Arestin®, an antibiotic treatment that makes scaling and root planning more effective. Arestin® kills the bacteria that causes gum disease, helping to speed the healing of your gums. With deep cleanings and periodontal treatments, you can protect your teeth and your overall oral health.

Contact Tadros Dental today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Tadros. He will work with you to develop a treatment plan that fits your unique situation.

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