Dr. Mina and his staff go above and beyond each time one of us has an appointment. I really feel comfortable at his office.
Sydney B.

My 83-year-old father started with Dr. Mina. He bragged so I decided to send my family. I really dislike dentist visits but after our first conversation, I was totally at ease. My kids think he is funny and they also feel very comfortable. His office staff rocks and also makes you smile and laugh. My teeth are finally going to be happy!
Gloria A.

My entire family has been seen by Dr. Tadros. From my 2-year-old daughter, my father, husband and now myself. We have been extremely impressed with Dr. Tadros and his staff. I’m very happy to say he is our family dentist. Everything was explained thoroughly during my exam and his office is equipped with the latest dental equipment. The number one reason why I would recommend him is because of how great he was with my two years old. She did not cry nor was she ever scared. It was an overall great experience and she now loves to brush her teeth and looks forward to her next dental visit.
Marcela C.

My dental condition was explained to me thoroughly in detail and a course of treatment was defined. No nonsense and direct which is the way it should be. Dr. Tadros and his staff go above and beyond to ensure that the patient is comfortable and maintains a pleasant and pain-free of an environment as possible. I highly recommend Dr.Tadros to anyone. Especially if you have had a bad experience with other dentists and put off going.
Chuck P.

Dr. Tadros and the team are outstanding! Dr. Tadros was very patient. He is passionate about being the best that he can at what he does and forewarned me about every step of the procedure. Though I don’t exactly look forward to another dental procedure ? the next time I need one I will absolutely have it performed by Dr. Tadros. I highly recommend this office, especially for those who fear (or simply dislike) getting dental work done. They are amazing with everything from setting up convenient appointments to making sure everything is good with your insurance. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Tadros.
Robert M.

This was the best experience at a dental office I have ever had. The exam was extremely thorough and without dental insurance I definitely felt I got my money’s worth. When I came back to Dr. Tadros to get a filling from a previous dentist redone I couldn’t believe how amazing the experience was. I was waiting anxiously the whole time for extreme pain and it never came, not even a little pain. And it was all over with what felt like less than 30 minutes. Still being amazed after the appointment I excitedly told 3 people how happy I was with the visit. They are all now thinking about switching to him. I have never been this happy about seeing a dentist and those who I have told about my experience could tell from my enthusiasm especially while half of my mouth was still numb. Dr. Tadros has all of my praise and I am extremely happy there are dentists out there like him.
Melissa A.

Dr. Tadros was humorous, compassionate and knowledgeable. (His assistant was very gentle and compassionate as well.) Dr. Tadros explained I had options and I felt encouraged and relieved he had MY best interest at hand. I highly recommend his practice.
Sharon S.

Great service, friendly staff. Dr. Tadros is great with kids, able to help them relax and not be scared of what is going on. My 4-year-old actually enjoyed the visit to the dentist, asked a lot of questions about the equipment and the Dr and staff were patient and answered him to his satisfaction.
Eric S.

Your service was the best that I have ever had with any dentist. Your compassion and understanding of my situation were very heartwarming and I have never had such an enjoyable experience at a dental office in my life.
Danielle N.

The facility was impeccable and the staff was very professional and warm. Dr. Tadros was very thorough and informative.
Brandon C.

I’m so grateful that I’ve found a Dentist that wants to help with the situations that I’m having and is sincere about what he’s going to do. Thanks, Dr. Mina and I look forward to having you work on me.
Latasha J.

Dr. Tadros and his staff were all very professional and kind. The clinic is so comfortable. Dr. Tadros was very gentle and thorough. I have recommended him to my whole family and they are all switching. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Google User

Dr. Tadros was extremely kind and gentle. I’m usually in a lot of pain when I see the dentist, but I was surprisingly comfortable throughout my exam and cleaning. The clinic is really nice and professional, and the staff is really good. Prices are really good too. Best dentist I’ve ever been to.
Google User

My mother was very scared to see the dentist. Dr. Tadros put her at ease and now she can’t wait to go back and have her dental work started. That is huge!! Thank you.
Cynthia P.

I used Dr. Mina Tadros and thanks to him I can now smile with BIG SMILE He is the best and does great work. I love my new dentist a lot and it’s a family bus.
Angie C.

I could not be happier with Dr. Tadros and his staff. They are consistently friendly and professional. What impresses me the most is not how they treat me, but how respectful they are to one another. Dr. Tadros seems to genuinely appreciate his staff, which in my opinion speaks volumes about his character. I know character won’t keep my teeth clean, but when combined with the quality care that I receive from Tadros Dental I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.
Jessica S.

Bedside manners run in this family of doctors. Tadros DDS has only shown our family great professionalism and kindness. His strong work ethics are also displayed within his staff. It’s a pleasure to be one of his patients and I’d be proud to recommend him to anyone!
Tiffany A.

Doctor Mina Tadros is one of the best dentists I have ever been to. Fantastic staff and very up to date equipment. I am always impressed whenever I visit and I always (surprisingly) have a great time.
David S.

I had a surgical extraction & a filling today. Dr. Tadros was absolutely amazing, I will never go to another dentist!!! He was so nice, he asked me if I was doing okay every few minutes and he kept reminding me to let him know if I felt any pain at all. The procedure was much faster and easier than expected. His staff is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone!!
Kristin H.

Dr. Mina has completely changed my Dental experience. I went in yesterday for 3 fillings and a wire change on my Six-Month smile (an alternative to braces, they’re clear). I haven’t been to the dentist in quite some time because going to the Dentist has always made me nervous! Dr. Mina was able to give me a shot without me even knowing that he did it. Didn’t feel a thing. My favorite part was when he took the time to show me the before and after pictures of the teeth he worked on. He was so kind and always checked in with me to make sure I wasn’t feeling any pain. After my fillings I had my wire changed for my Six-Month smile, which of course didn’t hurt a bit. And after only 2 weeks, I can already see a difference in my teeth! I am grateful to of found such a wonderful dentist!
Mary A.

This was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had at a dental office. Dr. Mina Tadros and his staff were very kind and patient. After referring me to a wonderful Endodontist, Dr. Tadros did a build up and crowns on two of my teeth. This was a very pleasant pain-free experience and I would not hesitate to refer him to any of my family or friends. I feel very fortunate to have found such a great dentist.
Tracey W.

Being a patient, you can’t really see what the dentist is doing in your mouth. Dr. Mina Tadros gave me the opportunity of shadowing him for a few days over spring break, and so I WAS able to see the work he completed in patient’s mouth. Since I am only a pre-dent undergrad, I don’t have the much educational credibility to comment on that. However, just judging by appearance his work is awesome and he pays a great deal of attention to detail. With regards to how he treats patients, he is very considerate and patient and will take the time necessary to do a quality job with very little to no pain. I enjoyed my shadowing experience, and all the staff there were extremely nice.
Andrew A.

Dr. Mina is without a doubt the best dentist I’ve ever had. I actually hated all dentists and dentistry work until I had him as my dentist. Now I look forward to fixing my teeth. He is a caring, knowledgeable, friendly and Great Dr. PERIOD. He is fair and explains everything to the patient while working which makes me comfortable. I love the friendly staff and the top of the line equipment. Tadros Dental is the BEST.
Mayada S.

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