Bleaching Trays

Whiten Your Teeth From the Comfort of Your Home

Are you tired of the stains on your teeth? Have you tried teeth whitening strips that you bought at the store, but were disappointed in their results? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans wish they had whiter teeth and haven’t gotten satisfactory results from store-bought whitening strips.

We offer a better option: custom-made bleaching trays. The bleaching trays we offer are among the most effective and affordable teeth whitening treatments available.

When you come to our office for a bleaching tray appointment, we’ll take molds of your teeth and use them to create custom bleaching trays that will fit your teeth perfectly and ensure thorough teeth whitening. Once your trays are ready, we’ll give you a whitening gel to use that will safely and effectively remove stains and gently bring your teeth to the level of whiteness you desire. You can then use the bleaching trays at your own convenience in the privacy of your home.

IS YOUR SMILE AS WHITE as it used to be? Even good oral hygiene won’t prevent tooth discoloration forever. While daily brushing and flossing help keep your teeth clean and healthy, it’s normal to feel like your smile is lacking some sparkle as you get older. If you’re looking to bring that sparkle back, cosmetic tooth whitening may be the answer!

Teeth Change Color Over Time

Here are some reasons our teeth may be a bit more discolored than we’d like:

  • Food and Drink. Coffee, tea, red wine, and cola are all drinks with strong color pigments that easily attach to enamel, the outer part of the tooth.
  • Age. Over time, tooth enamel gets thinner, allowing the more yellow dentin to show through.
  • Tobacco Use. The tar in tobacco is naturally dark, and nicotine, when mixed with oxygen in the air, turns into a yellow surface-staining substance.

Tooth Whitening Is A Simple Process

Whitening agents use hydrogen peroxide in one form or another to brighten your smile. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a strong bleaching agent that breaks up deep stains into smaller pieces, making the color less concentrated and your teeth brighter. It’s that simple!

There Are Whitening Options For Everyone

In-office bleaching is done at the dentist’s office and is a fast, effective way to whiten your teeth. You can usually get your whitening done in one to three visits, depending on the method used and the severity of tooth discoloration. When you come in to get your teeth whitened, a substance is applied to cover and protect your gums. The whitening gel is then applied directly to the tooth surface. This gel is then activated, usually by a laser light, enhancing the action of the whitening agent. These professional tools produce the fastest tooth-whitening results.

At-home bleaching is another option! Many use at-home whitening kits to supplement their in-office whitening treatments. Ask us about our at-home whitening kits after your in-office whitening procedure to keep your newly white smile sparkling! Over-the-counter whitening kits are also widely available for home use. These provide trays to hold whitening gel or whitening strips that stick to your teeth. Over-the-counter products contain a weaker whitening agent than the products you can get from your dentist and as a result, require a longer treatment period.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions when using at-home products and always follow package directions.

Whitening toothpaste is another simple option for those who want a whiter smile! Whitening toothpaste contains abrasives that remove stains on the enamel, helping your teeth stay clean and bright.

Put The Shine Back In Your Smile!

Whitening procedures are a fast and simple way to boost your confidence and brighten your smile. And getting that white, sparkly smile you’ve always wanted has never been easier. Give us a call or stop by. We’d love to discuss which whitening and cosmetic options would be best for you and your teeth!

YOUR SMILE IS ONE OF THE FIRST things people notice about you. Make your smile something to feel good about with Philips Zoom Whitening, the number one patient-requested professional whitening brand in the United States!

You Are Our Priority

Every smile is different and while there are many ways to whiten your teeth, be sure to consult with us so we can determine the best method for you.

How Does Zoom Whitening Work?

Our Zoom Whitening system helps your teeth get up to eight shades whiter in as little as 45 minutes!

Your Smile, Your Way

With increasing demands on your time, we know that it’s important to have whitening options that fit your schedule, budget and lifestyle. Philips Zoom Whitening provides fast results with little or no discomfort, even for the most sensitive teeth!

Intensity settings allow us to make adjustments for patients who may experience sensitivity during whitening. The Zoom system also includes desensitizers to minimize sensitivity and protect tooth enamel, giving you a safe, personalized whitening experience.

Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening

Wish You Had Whiter Teeth? Almost everyone wishes they had brighter, whiter teeth. Stains can be embarrassing and detract from an otherwise beautiful smile.

Stains build up on our teeth from a variety of causes:

  • Coffee, tea and some other drinks, such as fruit juice or wine
  • Certain foods, such as soy sauce or berries
  • Smoking
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Fluorosis, white streaks that appear on teeth due to excessive exposure to high concentrations of fluoride during tooth development

We Can Help You Get The White Teeth You Want

At Tadros Dental, we offer Opalescence Boost teeth whitening treatments in our office to give you whiter teeth in just one hour. This whitening procedure uses a chemically activated formula that safely and effectively whitens your teeth in only one appointment. The Opalescence Boost formula also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to help strengthen enamel and improve the health of your teeth.

During the treatment, a member of our team will apply the whitening gel to the front of your teeth for 10-15 minutes, stirring the gel on your teeth every five minutes to ensure maximum whitening. Once the gel has been on your teeth for 10-15 minutes, Dr. Tadros or one of his assistants will remove the gel, rinse your teeth and dry them. If your teeth have not yet reached the desired shade, the gel can be applied up to five more times for 10-15 minutes at a time until you reach the shade you want.

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